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OPCOM 2010 free software download and setup guide on Win 7


OPCOM 2010 free software and Win 7 setup guide

We have made a backup of OPCOM software in case of any unexpected accidents. The OPCOM 2010V software can be downloaded from this link below:

It is a zipped package and you will need to disable the anti-virus software on your laptop and unzip it before installing.

As of installing it on Windows 7 system, you can refer to this write up below:

1.Download XP mode package WindowsXP Mode_en-us.exe from Microsoft. You will need to run the validation tool to prove your copy of Windows is valid.
2.Then use 7-Zip or another archive tool to open the EXE file as an archive.
3.Within that archive, find the "sources/xpm" file within it, and extract that folder to your hard drive.
4.Finally, in the extracted xpm file, you'll find a file called VirtualXPVHD. Rename it with a VHD extension.

In VirtualBox, open the VirtualXPVHD virtual machine, and voila. You have got Windows XP Mode (running Windows XP Professional) in Windows 7 no need for the XP license. Then follow this instruction below to install the OPCOM software in XP mode.

1.Firstly put the small CD that came with the package into the CD drive. Do not plug the device.
2.Copy the folder and its contents to a suitable location on your PC, the desktop is fine.
3.Now open the folder you copied, here you will see 2 yellow icons Op-Com.exe and activate password .exe, double click on activate password.exe.
4.Now click on “Diagnostics” special is highlighted, double click on “special”, then “opel”, then “Diesel Pump”, then “PSG5”.

This will open an activation screen, click on the activate button, this will open a small window with the activation code. Write this down then click on ok and close all windows by using Red
X in top right corner.

5.Now connect the device using the supplied USB cable. The install new hardware wizard will start. Here you will need to install the drivers manually a by clicking on “Install from a specific location”, then browse to the folder where the drivers are located (in the folder you copied earlier). Click ok and the drivers will be loaded. Leave device connected.
6.Now open the folder you copied, and double click on the OPCom.exe icon this will launch the program here you will see 2 yellow icons Op-Com.exe and activate password .exe, double click on activate password.exe.
7.When the program runs click on diagnostics, then follow para 4, until you get the activation screen, now type in the number you wrote down earlier and then click on activate.
8.The device is now ready to use.
9.No updates are possible.

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