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Use MPPS V16 to remap Alfa Romeo ECU EDC16


At the weekend, I successfully tuned my friends Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 JTD-m with my MPPS V16 clone from DIYOBD2.FR:

First job was to read the file from it, and study it. We did that using MPPS, as the ECU is EDC16 – it was simple. Here is a video on installing and using it: When file loaded into WinOLS 1.500, I found that it was fairly different to the 1.9 CDTi I had tuned before, but with the same concepts in place. Meaning, with a little educated guessing and some light mods I was happy we could breathe a bit more pep into the big 5 pot.

I spent a few hours going through all the changes, checking it was as I thought it should be and we loaded on the stage 1 tune.

I am always confident with all the cars that I tune, that 30hp gain and 50lbft is fairly achievable on a stock engine, so I was happy the car would go a lot better and should still be DPF (particulate filter) friendly.

We took the car out for a spin, and immediately we could feel it was a lot more urgent and a lot more responsive.

When we got back to the workshop I did another version 2 file, with a bit more torque in places, and some more map modifications to improve the fuel economy - as these engines are well known to be fairly thirsty!

I left the car tuned at around 230hp and 380lbft knowing it would be safe. He then took it out for a good few thousand miles joy ride, reporting better economy and much more pleasant driving experience.

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